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‘tis the season

The holiday season finds us on the road, celebrating Christmas with our hosts, a travel menorah in our luggage.

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parting shots

From an early age, Munchkin exhibited a keen curiosity for photography – an interest we have nurtured, especially because it kept him engaged and occupied during our travels. Although he sometimes treated the camera as more of a handheld video game, he managed to produce quite a number of interesting shots on our trips to South Africa and Europe. It was also fascinating to see the things that attracted his attention closer to home during the year that we spent in the States.

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the big one

Tomorrow we’ll hit the road again, but tonight – our last in Salt Lake City – we’ll be celebrating Junebug’s first birthday in the company of our friends. The date snuck up on us somewhat, as we have been wrapped up with transitions and trip planning the last month or so.

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not so little anymore

The biggest downside to D’s most recent South Africa trip was that he was away for Munchkin’s fourth birthday. D made it back for the party, but could not accompany the little man to school to mark his special day with his classmates. The little man, meanwhile, has quietly grown up quite a bit – especially over the last several months.

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festivals of light

Part of the joy of living overseas is not only sharing our traditions with others, but also partaking in myriad cultural celebrations that are new to us.

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far from the madding crowd

If at first you don’t succeed, try and try again. And if the source of your failure is your utter inability to sway your three-year-old towards a particular course of action, then best of luck to you; we empathize completely!

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trick or treat

After seeing how much enjoyment Munchkin derived from last year’s Halloween festivities, we decided to up our game this year.

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four and counting

At four months, Junebug is definitely putting us through our paces. The fear of missing out apparently runs strong in her because no sooner do we get her to fall asleep than her eyes pop open again. D’s sister used to take ten-minute naps when she was Junebug’s age; the first time she slept more than half an hour in one stretch, D’s mom must have checked on her at least a dozen times to make sure she was still breathing. Junebug is trending in the same direction, with each “nap” typically requiring multiple interventions to lull her to sleep.

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scenes of birthday mayhem

Today was the culmination of Munchkin’s birthday celebration – a party S has been masterminding for months. Considering that it rained last night and poured hard towards the end of the event, we feel very fortunate that we managed to pull off this birthday extravaganza. Here are a few of our favorite shots from this riotous morning.

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three and counting

Amid all our travels and visits from first one set of grandparents and then another, our little man turned three last month.

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