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career corner

On Monday, the State Department issued handshakes for summer 2015 jobs, which means we now know where we’re headed after our tour in Moldova ends next year. Our onward assignment, with which we are quite happy, was the last in a string of good career news over the last several months.

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kiddie Halloween

As parents, we are sometimes guilty of projecting our own desires onto our children — of saying that we are doing something for them when in fact we are doing something with them for us.

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fall colors

While we’ve been busy reminiscing about our summer vacation, autumn has descended on Chisinau in all its vibrant glory.

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For those serving abroad, the passing of our nation’s Independence Day usually comes with a mixture of jubilation and relief. On the one hand, nothing says summer like a 4th of July BBQ. On the other hand, as the holiday approaches embassies become frantic with preparation for hosting what is easily the biggest representational event of the year.


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by popular demand

D’s co-workers had been clamoring to meet him, so today S  brought Munchkin into the Embassy and then to the Hail & Farewell – the first of what promises to be a busy transfer season. Along with all the new staff that joined the Mission recently, Munchkin also received an official welcome from the Ambassador, though he was too busy slurping down milk to appreciate the warm reception his arrival occasioned.

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real winter

The sun shone on Chisinau yesterday for what seems like the first time in weeks. For a week and a half after D returned from Ukraine, the city had been pummeled by a cold front that dumped several feet of snow on the Moldovan capital.


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temporary impairment

A fractured thumb, though a minor injury in the grand scheme of things, complicates life in ways one would never even consider until faced with the impossibility of accomplishing the simplest of tasks to which one ordinarily devotes little more than a passing thought.


thankfully, playing dominos requires only one good hand

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trading places

Our latest move, coming less than half a year after we last packed up our belongings, was the shortest of our Foreign Service career to date. Leaving the apartment we have occupied since arriving in Chisinau in August, we moved to a house that is less than a ten-minute walk down the street. Even so, no matter how many times we relocate, or how often, moving always stresses S out, and this time proved a bit more adventurous than we had anticipated.


playing hide and seek in the empty apartment (with limited success)

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fighting hibernation

While we were busy reliving last month’s travels, winter has quietly crept up on us. Not only has the cold set in again after a pleasantly mild October, but also the days have gotten much shorter — a phenomenon we had happily forgotten in two years of living on the equator. And now that we’ve set the clocks back for winter, nightfall begins well before 5pm. By the time D leaves work, pitch-black darkness has already engulfed Moldova’s unevenly illuminated capital, significantly raising the bar for what makes going out worthwhile.


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winos to be?

Today marks the second month since our arrival in Chisinau. We should probably crack open a bottle of Moldovan wine to celebrate.


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