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and nothing else matters…

The shock wore off by the time we reached the hospital, giving way to disbelief, bargaining, frustration, and ultimately acceptance, as S ran the full gamut of emotions before finally giving birth.


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eviction notice

S spent a lot of time reading about pregnancy and labor, mentally steeling herself for a painful, but natural delivery. She did her research, hired a doula, and toured the hospital with a labor & delivery nurse who also worked as a lactation consultant. S knew it would be difficult to avoid a medicalized birth in a hospital setting, but she was firm in her preferences and knew what she wanted. It came as quite a shock, therefore, when her carefully thought-out plans were rendered moot even before she went into labor.


Just to dispel any lingering doubts regarding his feelings about being evicted from the womb

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welcome to the real world


We spent a bit longer at the hospital than we had anticipated, but our little munchkin still arrived a few days ahead of schedule.

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the waiting game

With S’s due date rapidly approaching, the baby could literally come any day now, which makes for an unusual state of mind. On the one hand, we still make plans to spend time with friends and family. Yet at the same time we are trying to be realistic, knowing at the back of our minds that the baby can decide to make his appearance at any moment and that it is quite possible that we won’t keep any of our plans.


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music retrospective

D was sad to miss the Beat Horizon show, not just because they had played at our wedding, but also because we’ve had limited access to good live music in our Foreign Service postings. Long before he caught the travel bug or fell in love, music was D’s first passion and remains the thing he misses most while living abroad.


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get it while you can

Discussing the joys of parenthood with someone who has children when one does not yet have any of one’s own is not unlike witnessing the highs and lows of a bipolar episode. People will say that having children is the best thing that has happened to them, and in the same breath complain about no longer being able to go out to a movie, enjoy a romantic dinner, or sleep in past sunrise. They’ll talk about being up to their elbows in baby poo and implore you to treasure every moment because kids grow up so darn fast. Not surprisingly, the advice we hear most often from friends with young children is to enjoy our rapidly vanishing free time and get as much sleep as possible while we are still childless. 


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winter playtime

We were worried about how Emmie would adapt to Chisinau’s cold climate, and at first it looked like our worries were justified. She shivered uncontrollably whenever the temperatures dipped and looked utterly miserable every time we took her for a walk. We bought her a jacket and bootees but it seems that all she really needed was a little time to adjust. Now she loves nothing more than to play in the snow. At the risk of exceeding our blog’s acceptable quota of cute puppy pictures, here are a few of our favorites.


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night visions

The magic of photography is not that it enables one to capture a moment and freeze it in time for all to see. There is a lot to be said for that too, of course, but that’s not where the real power of this art form lies. What is even more amazing is that being behind the camera somehow causes a subtle transformation. It makes one look at a world in a different way, opening one’s eyes to all the beauty that surrounds us and which often goes unnoticed.


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real winter

The sun shone on Chisinau yesterday for what seems like the first time in weeks. For a week and a half after D returned from Ukraine, the city had been pummeled by a cold front that dumped several feet of snow on the Moldovan capital.


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