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summer of rock

Right before S packed her bags for the cross-Atlantic journey with Munchkin, we went out for a rare night of rock-n-roll in Kigali. Several of our Embassy friends and colleagues play in a cover band, and the set list featured a number of 90s rock classics. It was a bittersweet show – a pointed reminder of the one thing D misses above all else while serving abroad: live music.

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protocol and courtesy

We saved the best for last…

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impressionist inspiration

After a busy week together, our immersion group scattered to the four winds on Saturday. One colleague went to Normandy, another to Marseilles, and a third to Belgium. We also left Paris, taking a day trip with our host family to Giverny, before spending the rest of the weekend with our friends in the countryside.

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cooking with the pros

As an international city with a large, diverse immigrant population, Paris offers a nearly limitless array of fantastic cuisine. We enjoyed spicy creole food with our French friends, sampled a bevy of mezes at a Michelin-rated Turkish restaurant hidden in one of Paris’s outlying districts, and compared the dishes at two excellent Moroccan restaurants on our classmate’s initiative, but one of the most memorable meals we had in Paris was one that we prepared ourselves.

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an afternoon at the royal court

Paris’s numerous charms notwithstanding, two weeks seemed like a long time to stay in one place. So when our instructor proposed an excursion, we jumped at her suggestion. She floated a weekend group trip to Normandy as a possibility, but we all had our own agendas for the one free weekend we’d have in France. Instead, we settled on an outing to Versailles.

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101 things to do in Paris

According to a recent study, “traveling will help you lose weight, feel younger, and have more sex.” Now, the word ‘study’ here has to be taken with a large grain of salt — the survey in question was carried out by Expedia, which has a pretty direct interest in getting people to travel more. Given how much delicious food we ate in Paris, we’re not sure that the first claim stands up to scrutiny, but our recent trip did make us feel younger — not so much because we were traveling, but more so because we were traveling without our son.

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Paris invasion

In a city as busy and bustling as Paris — with its rich artistic and architectural heritage — it is easy to lose oneself in a mad dash between various cultural sites. If you don’t stop and look around every once in a while, you might wind up missing some great contemporary art.

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immersive learning

Today, we were invited to make a brief presentation of our immersion experiences to the French department at FSI. We showed a short photo montage, played a funny video clip, cracked a few jokes, and answered a handful of questions. It’s unclear how much the roomful of instructors got from our presentation, but then again — how does one cram two weeks’ worth of experiences into five minutes?

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heavy hearts, but hopeful spirits

Paris. The city of love, fine art, good food, great wine. And now the city of armed military patrols. We have visited France several times before, and the sight of fully armed soldiers patrolling the streets was as out-of-place in our conception of Paris as a UFO full of extraterrestrials would have been. And yet, this is Paris’s new temporary reality. The state of emergency declared after the November attacks was extended in February for another 3 months, and this decision clearly weighed on everyone’s mind even as Parisians sought a return to normalcy.

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a day in Dublin

We only budgeted one day for Dublin, preferring to spend the bulk of our time, limited as it was, in the countryside instead of the city.

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