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the kingdom of cling

Given the upheaval of the last few months – the move from Kigali, the jet lag-plagued road trip out West, a stint in a temporary apartment in Virginia, and another move, this time to a more permanent abode in the District – it comes as no surprise that our kids’ clinginess level has spiked.

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school’s out for summer

The mileposts keep flashing by. Thursday was Munchkin’s last day of school in Rwanda, and yesterday the school held a graduation ceremony, which featured a hilarious, if somewhat bizarre, theatrical production in which the kids wore “bedazzled” underwear and pretended to be aliens.

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conventional headache

For the second time during our tour, Kigali this week played host to a large gathering of international leaders as they succeeded in hammering out a significant accord.

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on smoking and other critical childhood concerns

Shortly after our surreal parent-teacher conference — while we were making our way around South Africa’s Garden Route — we received an end-of-semester progress report from Munchkin’s school. Unlike the over-the-top adulation in the previous midyear evaluation, this report struck a more balanced approach, praising Munchkin’s kindness, creativity, and academic progress while highlighting a number of behavioral attributes where “strengthening is needed.”

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whose child is this anyway?

Sitting in tiny tot chairs across a small wooden table from Munchkin’s teachers last week was a surreal experience, and not because of the diminutive furniture.

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back to school holiday

Serving in Kenya, shortly after we got married and before we even thought about having children, we tried to take advantage of every extended holiday weekend to get out of Nairobi and explore the country. We continued to travel a lot after Munchkin was born, using our posting in Moldova as a springboard to explore Eastern and Central Europe, but we also came to appreciate the value of spending long weekends at home to soak in the wonderment of new parenthood.

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king for another day

When Munchkin drums on S’s belly and enjoins his baby sister to come out, he is no doubt genuine – the little man does not like being kept waiting for anything that’s been promised to him. Of course, he is also wholly ignorant of the changes her arrival will wreak on his privileged only child status. For our part, we are slightly nervous not just about how he will react to the change but also about the regression we’ve been warned to expect in his development.

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kid comedians in cars

Munchkin’s two-week-long spring break just ended, which means we’re back to carpooling – and back to listening to Munchkin and his friend jibber-jabber at each other at breakneck pace in the backseat.

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three and counting

Amid all our travels and visits from first one set of grandparents and then another, our little man turned three last month.

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home entertainment

Last weekend, we hosted our first visitor in Kigali – a friend from our Nairobi Ultimate Frisbee days who now lives in Tunis. Although this was her first visit to Rwanda, she was ambivalent about touristing, which was a blessing for us: having just returned from a long trip we were rather unmotivated to venture far from home. We like sharing the scenic highlights of our adoptive countries with our visitors, but we also enjoy sharing our everyday life too – and with close friends who visit briefly the latter feels infinitely more fulfilling. We went out to brunch with a couple of friends on Saturday and spent Sunday morning at a kid-friendly brunch at another friend’s house, but otherwise stayed put and let Munchkin do most of the entertaining.

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