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early birthday

At first time stretched like toffee. Well inside our hundred-day countdown, we couldn’t focus much further afield than the given week, the usual humdrum of work and parenthood responsibilities taking up almost all of our bandwidth. And then time ran out.

The last weekend in May, D headed up to Massachusetts for his college reunion while S made last-minute pre-move preparations. D returned for two more days in the office before we packed up the house. The following Monday D started his new job; S and the kids flew to the Philippines two days later. It was a whirlwind two weeks, which are just behind us but already seem to have transpired a small lifetime ago.

We didn’t have the wherewithal to organize a proper farewell party, but D was adamant that we do something to mark Junebug’s second birthday, which is coming up at the end of the month. Knowing that we’d be apart when Junebug actually turns two, it seemed important that we celebrate the occasion while we were still together.

With the house completely empty and in no way fit for a party, we told everyone to meet us at our neighborhood park. It rained hard all morning, which scared off a few attendees. Though the precipitation never fully cleared up, by the afternoon it had slowed to a manageable drizzle, and enough people made it out that most of the birthday cupcakes got eaten.

For her part, Junebug loved the event. She had grown very fond of her nanny and spent a good portion of the afternoon either in her arms or hanging out with her bestie – the little boy with whose family we shared the nanny. Junebug has been slower to talk than Munchkin, and only has about 15-20 words, but she is very expressive – perhaps even more so than Munchkin was at this age. Watching her in her element was an unparalleled joy – a memory D has been trying to hold onto until the next time he can hold her in his arms.

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