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a look back: Peru, part one

Unlike Ecuador, which tends to be overshadowed by its larger southern neighbor, Peru needs no introduction. Since the discovery of the Inca ruins at Machu Picchu a century ago, tourists have been flocking to Peru in ever greater numbers. In fact, tourism-related development has been so rampant that there is legitimate concern about its impact on the ancient Inca city and several other sites. While Machu Picchu is certainly worth visiting, there are also plenty of other stunning locations around the country that beckon to the adventurous traveler. Amazingly, some of these hardly see a foreign soul despite the fact that Peru hosts several million international visitors annually.

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weekend parenting

Nearly 15 months into our first foray into parenthood, what’s surprised us most is how each time Munchkin enters a new phase it always seems better than the previous one. And by that we don’t mean that parenting has become easier. In fact, in many ways taking care of a toddler is much more demanding and exhausting work than caring for an infant. It’s just that with each developmental milestone, Munchkin finds new ways to bring us an indescribable amount of joy.

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a look back: Ecuador

It all started in Ecuador. For S, Quito was the launching point of her eight-month-long trek through South America. D, meanwhile, called this small Andean nation home for three and a half years. When he finally embarked on his own South American travels, the joy and excitement of the road ahead was tempered by the melancholy of leaving a country that had captured his heart forever.

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when a camera fails to do the world justice

We got married mere weeks before packing out for our first Foreign Service tour. Knowing that we had been posted to Africa, where innumerable safari trips awaited, we made a wedding present to ourselves and invested in a quality SLR camera and complement of lenses. Long before we could afford nice photographic gear, we had been bitten by the travel bug and the love of travel photography that insatiable wanderlust spawns.


View from Cotopaxi summit, 5897m (Ecuador)

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the life and times of Towels Packed

Funny how an idle pastime can sometimes take on a life of its own.

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open season

With spring in full bloom, the wine season officially has kicked off in Moldova.

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baby book review, volume two

Much to our delight, Munchkin continues to be an avid young reader. After many months of mostly incoherent baby babble, he is also finally beginning to show signs of grasping the basics of language, and his board books deserve a lot of the credit for this development.

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of monks, massages, and wine-makers

While D was away in Tbilisi, taking advantage of his work trip to see the Georgian countryside, S did a bit of traveling of her own, albeit closer to home. A good friend from our Kenya days whom S has known since grad school was flying from Nairobi to Chicago and asked if she could visit for a couple of days, instantly doubling the number of friends who have made it out to Chisinau to see us.


fun on the farm

March and April are a festive time in Moldova. After many dreary months of bleak, wintry weather, Moldovans welcome the coming of spring in style.

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scenic stops along the way

On the way back from Lagodekhi, D’s friend made a detour through Sighnaghi, an unassuming little town that was recently thrust into Georgia’s tourist limelight. The transition — from hiking well off the beaten path to the heart of Georgia’s tourist track — was a bit surreal. One moment D was wading almost waist-deep in snowmelt in the middle of the Lagodekhi wilderness, and an hour or two later he found himself jockeying for position with Russian tourists so that he could snap a couple of photographs.

DSC_2608 copy

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