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daycare progress report

We just received Munchkin’s spring progress report from his daycare. It was all Cs, with a smattering of Ds mixed in for good measure. This took us aback initially, especially since one of the things we most liked about the FSI daycare is its non-academic nature. Then we looked closer and saw that D stood for “Developing” skills and C for “Consistently” using said skills, the highest “grade” on the report.

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adventures in potty training

From the first sleepless night, the joy of first-time parenthood is constantly punctuated by a myriad of challenges, some anticipated and many not. It seems not long ago that we were grappling with such existential questions as whether and when to supplement breast milk with formula and how to transition Munchkin to sleeping alone. Though they don’t seem to at the time, the challenges of infancy pale in comparison to those of toddlerhood for the simple reason that volition becomes involved, and a toddler’s will is difficult to control. Having finally won the fight over retiring Munchkin’s milk bottles, we have now arrived at the next battle — and most daunting challenge thus far — potty training.

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101 things to do in Paris

According to a recent study, “traveling will help you lose weight, feel younger, and have more sex.” Now, the word ‘study’ here has to be taken with a large grain of salt — the survey in question was carried out by Expedia, which has a pretty direct interest in getting people to travel more. Given how much delicious food we ate in Paris, we’re not sure that the first claim stands up to scrutiny, but our recent trip did make us feel younger — not so much because we were traveling, but more so because we were traveling without our son.

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Paris invasion

In a city as busy and bustling as Paris — with its rich artistic and architectural heritage — it is easy to lose oneself in a mad dash between various cultural sites. If you don’t stop and look around every once in a while, you might wind up missing some great contemporary art.

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immersive learning

Today, we were invited to make a brief presentation of our immersion experiences to the French department at FSI. We showed a short photo montage, played a funny video clip, cracked a few jokes, and answered a handful of questions. It’s unclear how much the roomful of instructors got from our presentation, but then again — how does one cram two weeks’ worth of experiences into five minutes?

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heavy hearts, but hopeful spirits

Paris. The city of love, fine art, good food, great wine. And now the city of armed military patrols. We have visited France several times before, and the sight of fully armed soldiers patrolling the streets was as out-of-place in our conception of Paris as a UFO full of extraterrestrials would have been. And yet, this is Paris’s new temporary reality. The state of emergency declared after the November attacks was extended in February for another 3 months, and this decision clearly weighed on everyone’s mind even as Parisians sought a return to normalcy.

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escape from FSI

Even for someone who loves languages and is fully cognizant of how big a privilege it is to be paid to learn one, the daily drudgery of intensive language learning can grow wearisome. After six dreary months of repetitive grammar exercises, dense articles, and forced classroom discussions, we yearned for a break from the routine. Ennui and wanderlust, as much as a desire for immersive learning, motivated us to sign up for FSI’s April immersion trip to France. Paris in the springtime — what could be better?

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giddy-up and go

There are two main reasons that our blog falls into disuse. Either there is nothing going on that is worth blogging about, or — as is more often the case — there is so much going on that we don’t have the time to even give the blog a passing thought. The last month or so falls squarely into the latter category. In the last five weeks, we travelled abroad for the first time since starting language training in November and made some monumental progress with our French while Munchkin has added so many new shenanigans to his repertoire that we sometimes barely recognize our son.

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let’s make a deal

Munchkin always has been a babbler, but the last month or so has seen a veritable linguistic explosion as his language skills finally caught up with his desire to express himself. He sings songs and reads books to himself. When we play in the little green space outside our building, he runs up to greet all the neighbors and tell them all about his toys. Even his daycare teacher has remarked several times to us that he is talking up a storm.

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five years in the books

This week marks the 5th anniversary of D’s entry into the Foreign Service. While our first two tours flew by at breakneck speed, with hardly a break between them, the last half-year of language training has offered a measure of calm. Emerging from a long winter and even longer break in our travels, we are looking forward to the new adventures that await. Rwanda beckons this summer, and before we turn our attention to Africa there is also an overseas language immersion trip in our more immediate future.

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