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dancing with swords

Marco Polo-inspired pasta notwithstanding, Korčula is noteworthy as the only place in Croatia to preserve the centuries-old tradition of moreška sword dancing. A staple at public feasts and royal banquets during the Renaissance, the choreographed combat pits two opposing armies in a mock battle provoked by — what else? — a lover’s quarrel, of course.

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explorer lore

After the hustle and bustle of Dubrovnik, Korčula seemed pleasantly low-key. Located on one of Croatia’s bigger islands, the city also sits on the water and is encircled by the remnants of a thick stone wall. The historic center has several medieval stone churches, sprinkled liberally throughout the small grid of narrow streets. In essence, it has all the charm of Dubrovnik without the hordes of cruise-ship passengers.

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picture perfect

Croatia — or at least its southern coast — seems to have a postcard waiting to happen around almost every corner. Azure waters shimmer resplendently in cove after scenic cove; the scraggly coastline is fringed with verdant trees; and the Adriatic’s many islands beckon the traveler with the promise of serene escape from everyday worries.

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pearl of the Adriatic

It takes a hard man to catch a glimpse of Dubrovnik and not fall in love at first sight. Set on a rocky outcrop that juts out into the Adriatic sea, Dubrovnik’s walled-in maze of closely-built houses is a veritable latticework of orange hues when viewed from above, providing a striking contrast to the aquamarine bays and deep blue sea water that encircle it. Small wonder it has been dubbed the Pearl of the Adriatic.

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the adventures of a tiny globetrotter

Munchkin marked the midway point of his first year during our trip through the Balkans. He has been to six countries now in as many months of his hereto brief but exciting life, and next month we’ll add another couple of stamps to his passport.

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we’re back

We’re back! After catching up with family, basking in the sunshine in Croatia, and seeing a lot more of Slovenia than we thought we could possibly cram into a single week, we have returned to Chisinau.


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what’s the frequency, Wolfgang?

D was not quite sixteen when he went to his first rock concert. He remembers vividly having a dream in which a friend offered to take him to see Metallica live. The next day, this same friend, who sat in front of D in English class, turned around right before the bell and asked if D liked Green Day, and then said she had an extra ticket to see their show. The dream remains D’s only brush with clairvoyance while the concert, which in addition to Green Day also featured The Offspring, Soul Asylum, Ben Folds Five, Third Eye Blind, Fuel, and STP’s Scott Weiland, instantly infected D with an insatiable appetite for live music.


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another side of Vienna

We visited Vienna over Thanksgiving last year. It was the onset of winter and we spent most of the time seeking shelter from the cold inside Vienna’s many museums and cafes, thinking all the while how nice it would be to return to Vienna in the summertime.


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children’s lit 101

“Siempre imaginé que el Paraíso sería algún tipo de biblioteca.” (I always imagined paradise would be some sort of library) – Jorge Luis Borges

07.24.2014 book lover

“Some books should be tasted, some devoured, but only a few should be chewed and digested thoroughly.” – Sir Francis Bacon

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time lapse

From month-by-month onesies to milestone stickers and even printable fabric sets, there is no shortage of products to help parents commemorate their babies’ progress through the first year of life. A friend in Nairobi shared monthly pictures of his daughter sitting in the same chair, and several of our friends who had children around the same time as we did post monthly pictures of their babies in their cribs. Since we photograph Munchkin on an almost daily basis anyway, we decided to do a month-by-month series as well, using the Eric Carle quilt S’s mom made for him as the backdrop.

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