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a stroll around Sofia

After the tournament in Kigali, we stayed an extra day in Rwanda to go gorilla trekking. In Uganda, we combined Ultimate frisbee with a visit to a chimpanzee sanctuary and a rafting trip down the Nile River. Though Sofia did not hold out the promise of similar adventures, we made sure to schedule enough time before the tournament started to see the city.

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flying with a newborn

S had been looking forward to her trip back to Moldova with equal parts anticipation and dread. Just the mere prospect of flying with a newborn seemed daunting in and of itself. Moving a 6-week-old to a different home overseas — and all the additional luggage such a move entails — added an extra dimension to the madness.


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April fools

In retrospect, it was probably overly optimistic to hope that a cross-Atlantic trip scheduled for April 1 from the tiny airport in Portland to an even smaller one in Chisinau would pass without some misadventure.

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just as we were expecting

No sooner had we returned from Ukraine than it was time to repack our bags for another trip. It is standard State Department practice to send employees and their family members who need medical care to regional hubs where the healthcare standards are on par with those in the United States. In our case, London serves as the medevac point, and S was due for her second trimester screening. We did not yet know the gender of our baby, so D asked for a couple days of leave so that we could receive the news together, and see London besides.


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unplanned vacation

It was going to be perfect. D had scheduled a work trip to Ukraine that coincided with another ultimate frisbee tournament. And this time S would get to come also. The idea was to fly to Kiev on a Friday afternoon, spend the weekend in Lviv in Western Ukraine, and return to the capital city for a couple of days of work for D and sightseeing for S. Then the government shut down. As the saying goes, man makes plans and God laughs.


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the runaround

“The system is broken. It clearly doesn’t work the way it’s supposed to,” lamented one of D’s instructors in one of the franker discussions during training.


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last gulp of freedom

Despite the inauspicious beginning to our trip, we greatly enjoyed our brief visit to France.


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winning the French lottery

As if our peregrinations around the United States were not enough, we tacked on a trip to France to the end of our home leave.


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Unlike many of our Foreign Service colleagues, we did not take any of our annual leave in the United States. While some friends returned home for holidays or spent time in DC for mid-tour training, we stayed abroad for the entirety of our two-year assignment. Coming back stateside for home leave, we tried to balance our wanderlust with a desire to catch up with friends and spend some time with our families.


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the end of the road

Like all good things, our trip too came to an end. After a full day in Big Sur and Monterey we arrived in Santa Cruz just as the sun set.


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