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the garden route

After spending a day with the elephants of Addo, we repacked the car and headed south toward the Garden Route – South Africa’s answer to Big Sur. Spanning some 300 kilometers (almost 200 miles) from Storms River to Mossel Bay, the Garden Route traverses several parks, with the main N2 highway sometimes running along the Cape shoreline and at other times winding inland into the mountains.

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camping getaway

With S in the United States and a full weekend at his disposal, D decided to make good on what he’s long thought about doing: take Munchkin on his first camping trip.

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frame by frame

For all the stunning vistas of the Rocky Mountains, it is often the little details that prove the most memorable: an otherwise mundane photograph that unlocks a story, an image of a strikingly colorful flower or equally colorful character…With that in mind, here is a companion piece to yesterday’s panorama post – a collection of smaller images that for one reason or another stir D’s memory of his Colorado adventures.

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panoply of panoramas

Prior to departing the United States, we did a tiny bit of travel. S took Munchkin up to Maine for her family’s annual trip to Deer Isle. D, meanwhile, flew out to Colorado to celebrate the Fourth of July with a short camping trip. In the scramble of packing, moving, and resettling, we have had scant time to look at the pictures from those trips, and D just now has gotten around to sorting some of them. The landscapes in Colorado were so stunning that one picture usually failed to do the scenery justice, so D made a lot of panorama shots.

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westward bound

With our Moldova tour wrapping up next month, we have started looking ahead to our home leave, and the opportunities to explore our own country that it affords us. Two summers ago, we took a three-week road trip around California. This time, we decided to leave Munchkin with his grandparents and do a quick tour of the Southwest.

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high hopes

Now that we’ve finally caught up on our summer travels, it’s almost time for the next adventure. D finishes training next week, and we’ll only have a handful of days afterwards to pack up and make final arrangements before departing for Eastern Europe.


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the end of the road

Like all good things, our trip too came to an end. After a full day in Big Sur and Monterey we arrived in Santa Cruz just as the sun set.


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a splash of color

The valleys and mountain slopes of the Sierra Nevada are famed for their springtime wildflowers. In planning our trip, D found several hiking sites dedicated to wildflower exploration, which were filled with enthusiastic descriptions of dozens of wildflower species and gorgeous photos of lush meadows that carpeted the highlands in rainbow splotches of color.

indian paintbrush

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American safari

After spending two years in Africa and going on countless safaris, it was virtually impossible not to keep an eye out for animals while we traveled around the California wilderness.


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no vacancy

It was early evening by the time we left Hearst Castle. We stopped a few miles north of San Simeon to check out the elephant seals that reliably make their home on one small, rocky section of California’s shoreline, and then headed further north towards Big Sur.


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