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study in contrasts

Despite being located in the same geographic neighborhood as Kenya, where we started our Foreign Service career, Rwanda strikes us as more dissimilar than it is alike its regional neighbors. In one respect, however, our experience in Kigali parallels the two years we spent in Nairobi almost exactly: being an expat in East Africa is a study in contrasts.

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holidays at home

This is the second year in a row that we celebrated Independence Day stateside – no mean feat considering that we have been posted overseas for the entirety of D’s six-year career with the State Department.

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the simple things

After spending two weeks with her parents in Bangor, S and Munchkin transitioned to our rental in Portland to await D’s return and the baby’s arrival.

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desert solitaire

Our research on Namibia’s tourist hotspots notwithstanding, we knew precious little about the country where we had decided to travel for two weeks.

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annotated progress report

Apart from our recent travelswe’ve hit the road three out of the last four weekends – the Munch has had a quiet couple of weeks at home after finishing the first semester at his new school. Following an end of year parent-teacher conference, S received an electronic progress report on Munchkin’s first semester, which was amusing in its over-the-top accolades, at least a few of which were clearly apocryphal.

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two-for-the-price-of-one birthday special

We set two alarms, rising with the sun. Zion was calling. We had already spent two days hiking in Utah’s grandest national park, but we had saved the best for last. Not only was this our last day in Utah, but it was also D’s birthday, which he had long wanted to celebrate atop Angel’s Landing.

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