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July was the first month since we embarked on our Foreign Service adventure more than eight years ago that our blog remained completely inactive. Over the years, these pages have helped us stay in touch with our loved ones, served as an outlet for our creative writing needs, and helped us document our children’s early days. We have long wondered when the moment would come to retire this Foreign Service scrapbook, and though our blog has gone dormant of late, we do not think we’ve quite reached the point of calling it quits. Rather, we are in the midst of a hiatus, induced by our circumstances.

We have always endeavored to write from a unified “we” perspective, a smattering of posts featuring our own individual travels, thoughts, and recollections notwithstanding. That we have spent the last two months apart has made such writing difficult to sustain. While S and the kids have already turned the page to the next chapter of our Foreign Service odyssey, D has remained in DC, in a way feeling like he is stuck in the in-between.

There’s certainly plenty to write about S’s first two months in Manila: the journey halfway around the world, the early weeks of jet-lagged acclimatization, a stint in temporary housing, and the move to what will be our permanent abode for the next two years, not to mention the beginning of her own Foreign Service career and the challenges of adapting to a new culture. Those stories will have to wait until we are reunited, however, as single parenting has left S no bandwidth for blogging. Fortunately, we can now glimpse the light at the end of this tunnel. D has just three more weeks of DC-based work left before he can bid adieu to Washington. We’re counting the days…

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  1. Best of luck to you all on your new adventure

    August 10, 2019

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