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snow day

A friend of ours is fond of saying that there is no such thing as cold weather; rather, the problem lies in poor clothing choices. Junebug, for one, disagrees with this sentiment. It does not matter how warmly we dress her or how much we play up the fun to be had with fresh powdery snow. The last few months she got her first taste of a proper winter – with snow and temperatures in the teens during our Thanksgiving trip to Maine and a snowstorm in DC this weekend. To say that she did not enjoy her exposure to the frosty weather would be an understatement.

DC got a light dusting of snow a couple months ago, but this weekend represented the first real snowfall of the season. Munchkin was out the door and frolicking in the snow with his best friend, who lives two houses down, before we could wrestle Junebug into her snowsuit and boots. With today’s snow day closure, he got to double down on the fun, as he and D staged an epic snowball fight after Junebug fell asleep in her stroller.

Junebug had quite a different perspective on the inclement weather. Here she is, seemingly having a great time, but don’t let the photo fool you. This shot took a coordinated effort that involved D building a snowman while S nursed Junebug in the snow. We managed to capture a furtive smile, but as soon as S stepped out of the frame, Junebug reverted to her cranky squawks, forcing us to abort the outdoor playtime. And yes, we realize she would be warmer and happier if she were wearing gloves, but she does not share that realization and throws the gloves off as soon as we put them on her hands.

Munchkin has always loved the snow. But then again, he was a winter baby, born in Portland, Maine in February. Also, we had been serving in Moldova at the time, so he went from Portland to Chisinau, which also gets its fair share of snow. By the time we returned to DC for Snowzilla, Munchkin was almost two and had lived through two winters.

After two years in Africa, we have mixed emotions about living for a year in DC and running through the full gamut of seasons, from muggy summer to chilly winter. Despite spending our formative years in locales with considerably colder climates – Moscow and New York for D, New England for S – a couple of years without a proper winter is enough to make us grow soft about the cold. We’re not as soft as Junebug, but it’s fair to say we are looking forward to our next tropical assignment overseas.

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