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welcome home notes

Returning home from a work trip this week, D had the opportunity to put to the test one of life’s oldest maxims, namely whether absence really does make the heart grow fonder.

In Munchkin’s case, the jury is still out, as he greeted D’s return with a bout of temperamental tantrums. That Munchkin returned late from school and was likely hungry certainly played into the cold reception he gave his father, but it’s far from the whole story. His behavior tends to take a nosedive toward rebellion and moodiness whenever D is away for a significant amount of time. It took several days for D to re-earn his trust and for Munchkin to stop acting out.

Junebug, on the other hand, could not be happier to have her papa back. As with D’s last absence, she transferred a good deal of her clinginess from S to D the moment she spied him walking up the steps to the front door. She can be sweet to the point of cloying, but D’s sudden jump in Junebug’s hierarchy of love also has its uses. For instance, D does the morning nanny-share drop-off while S takes Munchkin to school; the last few days, at least, Junebug’s hysterics at the sight of S walking out the door have been minimal – a sharp contrast to her antics before D went on his trip.

Happily, not only does the nanny-share appear to be working out, but also Junebug continues to drop her self-destructive behaviors as she gets more and more acclimated to the new rhythm of her life. The last holdovers are her tendency to tear at her own mouth and smack or punch herself in the head. Not only does she engage in the latter when she is upset, but these days she also does it when she’s happy, thinking – because we rush to stop her – that it’s a game.

While D was gone, our HHE finally arrived. We are still trying to figure out where everything should go, and the house looks more in flux than it did for the first few months after we had moved in. Fortunately, this is the final piece of the puzzle in getting us settled, which means there is still an outside chance we’ll enjoy a few stress-free months in DC before we have to start preparing for our next move.

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