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final order of business

Our bags are (mostly) packed. The movers have come and gone. The house is empty again, a ghost of the home we have known these last two years.

With no toys or Tupperware left within easy reach, Junebug has been practicing her newly acquired skill of climbing our tiled staircase. Munchkin doesn’t quite know what to do with himself. He’s been acting out a bit ever since school wrapped up, but now that the day of departure has finally arrived he’s excited to head to the airport. He loves flying.

While S spent our last day in Kigali running around doing last-minute errands, D returned for one more day of work, which brought a nice bit of symmetry and closure to his Kigali tour. The first thing D had done upon arrival two years ago was organize a week-long visit of our regional refugee coordinator and then accompany him to four of Rwanda’s six refugee camps. Our last day in Rwanda coincided with World Refugee Day, so D returned to Mahama – the country’s largest camp, which hosts nearly 60,000 Burundian refugees.

There were the usual speeches and celebratory dances, and the Embassy put together a reading booth that was part of a larger expo organized by the refugees and the UN’s refugee agency. The highlight for D was a basketball tournament in which the teams were comprised of a mix of Mahama residents, Embassy staff, and UN and NGO workers. Considering how heavily refugee affairs have figured into D’s work the last two years, it was the perfect way to close this chapter of our Foreign Service adventure.

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