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wild child

Tomorrow marks the beginning of our 30-day countdown. As has been true for the last few months, we are caught between trying to live in the moment and planning for the future.

As if the stress of our impending move was insufficient, Junebug recently came down with her first serious illness. A double ear infection knocked her out of commission for nearly two weeks, in large part because it took us a while to find the right medicine. Not only did the antibiotics fail to do their job, but also they gave her a rash so bad that she turned completely red. S even started referring to her as an Oompla Loompa. Junebug wound up needing a series of shots to get the infection under control.

She finally got back to her usual chirping, smiling self a couple of days ago. Her nanny says she saw Junebug take a step forward the other day, which may or may not have happened. The little lady has gotten a lot better at standing on her own feet over the last few weeks, but we have been unable to replicate this mythic step and think we are still a ways from her walking.

Junebug has four teeth now – two lowers that appeared first and a pair of uppers that came in while we were gallivanting around Europe. She uses them to great effect too, easily eating twice as much in a given sitting as Munchkin, who is more than four times her senior. Junebug has also developed an extensive repertoire of unique mannerisms that Munchkin never had. She does an over-the-top Indian style head shake and has a disturbing propensity for loudly grinding her teeth.

By far the best thing about Junebug’s development is how fearless she is. It took Munchkin a couple of years to appreciate how much fun roughhousing and wrestling can be. Watching D and Munchkin tumble around on the living room carpet, Junebug decided she wanted in on the action almost as soon as she figured out how to crawl. She gets a huge smile on her face as soon as D pins Munchkin and makes a beeline for the action, literally hurling herself into the mix headfirst.

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