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Every baby is different, of course, but that has not stopped us comparing our two children, if only because it is such a joy to look back on our blog posts from Munchkin’s first year. It is incredible how much one forgets of those early moments, and how quickly!

Munchkin rolled over first and started crawling at a much earlier age than Junebug. She, on the other hand, sat up first and started standing up well before he had. Now that Junebug reached nine months the trajectories of their gross motor skills development have evened out. Just as he had at this age, Junebug has begun standing on her own – but only for a few seconds at a time and only if she is playing with a toy that engrosses her sufficiently to take her mind off the fact that she is upright. As soon as the realization that she is too far from the floor for comfort sinks in, she immediately plops down again.

The differences in their social development are much more pronounced, perhaps because we had smothered Munchkin with attention whereas now we have to divide our time and energy between two kids. Also, having an older role model clearly plays a part in Junebug’s maturation. Whatever the reasons, we find that she is a lot more independent than he was at this age. Even when he became mobile, he hated being left alone. She, on other hand, surprises us with how much time she can spend on her own, calmly playing with a toy even when we step out of the room.

With Munchkin, we had taken some measures to baby-proof the house, plugging wall outlets and keeping certain dangerous items out of reach. We still have the plugs lying around somewhere but have not bothered with them this time around, partly because Junebug does not appear to be interested in electrical outlets. She is much more apt to go for Emmie’s food and water bowls if she realizes that our attention has slipped for just a moment. The roguish look on her face as we scoop her up with a handful of dog food in her tiny fist is priceless.

Junebug’s other prominent bit of mischief is her daily revolt against nap time. Unlike Munchkin, whom we transitioned to a crib as soon as he learned to roll over, Junebug still co-sleeps with S, only taking her daytime naps in the crib. It does not seem to matter how tired or sleepy she is, no sooner do we put her down than she pops up again. Sometimes she cries out to be rescued, but more often than not she simply stands there, leaning her head on the rail until sleep overtakes her.

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