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watch out, world

Junebug’s eighth month, which seemingly flashed by in the blink of an eye, brought with it a plethora of firsts. Not to be overshadowed by her big brother’s fourth birthday, the little lady marked February with several important milestones.

For months, she had shown no inclination towards crawling and exhibited barely contained disdain for tummy time. We thought she’d walk before she crawled, but she surprised us by going from zero to full locomotion in the span of a couple of days. Not only is she crawling up a storm these days, but also her movements are all purposeful, unlike the unidirectional commando crawl of Munchkin’s early crawling days.

Junebug mastered sitting several months ago, and she also learned to pull herself up into a standing position a month or so ago, so now she commands almost the full range of motion. She can go from a sit to a crawl and vice versa, turn herself around in any direction, and stand up when she reaches her destination. She even has grown adept at lowering herself back down from a standing position. Walking on her own is the last skill she has left to master, as she already “walks” if we hold her hands.

The result is that we are beginning to see the early signs of sibling strife. Munchkin is still super sweet with Junebug, and she clearly adores him, but now that she can exert her volition, he is forced not only to defend his toys from her, but also his personal space. Munchkin has made peace with Junebug pulling his hair, but her tendency to use him as a climbing gym at every opportunity drives the little man bonkers.

Along with the crawling came two teeth, which broke through Junebug’s lower gum while D was away in South Africa. For now she is still pretty enthusiastic about most foods, bananas being the odd exception. And, as with Munchkin when he was her age, we are working on her pincer grip with the help of fruit puffs.

Less exciting is that after months of being the epitome of a happy-go-lucky baby, Junebug has developed an acute sense of unease around nearly everyone. Her circle of trust now includes just the three of us, plus our nanny and housekeeper. What’s more – she definitely has a hierarchy of preference: if S tries to hand her off to anyone – even if it is one of the few people Junebug loves and trusts – the little lady is apt to start hyperventilating with displeasure.

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