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turning corners

And just like that, 2017 is behind us – and so is the first half-year of Junebug’s life. Six months old and her personality coming into full focus, Junebug is a joyful handful – all smiles unless she isn’t getting what she wants and feels the need to assert herself.

What she wants more than anything these days is food. She is still completely toothless, and as she is still working out the mechanics of swallowing she does not get much down her gullet, but boy does she ever try! If we plop her down in her high chair while we have dinner, she stretches for our plates and complains loudly when she realizes she cannot reach them. The same is true of our tea mugs, water glasses, and pretty much anything else she sees us bring to our lips. Her eyes bulge out, her little hands stretch out, and she tries to will her whole being into getting a hold of whatever she sees us consuming.

She had mastered the art of sitting long ago and rarely topples over these days, but she is no closer than she was a month ago to learning how to crawl. Even when we try to do tummy time, she either rolls over to her back or knits her brows in a gesture that typically precedes a massive meltdown. At this age, Munchkin had already perfected his commando crawl, so we still think it is quite possible that she will walk before she crawls.

Most importantly, Junebug continues to enjoy a good relationship with her older brother, which we know we must treasure as long as it lasts. She is endlessly fascinated with him, and he enjoys playing with and amusing her. And as she is still too small to steal his toys, he also treats her with evident love…for the time being.

In fact, after a rough patch that has lasted more months than we care to count, Munchkin appears to be turning a corner. Perhaps the four-day Christmas holiday weekend, which we spent at home – just the four of us, has helped improve his behavior, as he got plenty of quality alone time with us. Or perhaps it’s that he is also experiencing some developmental growth. Whatever it is, we hope the trend continues, because we’ve found him much more mature, responsive, and loving over the course of the last week than he had been for much of his “threenage” year.

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