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parental pleasures

How and when did he get so big? It’s a question we’ve been asking ourselves with increasing frequency of late, and one we are likely to keep asking for the foreseeable future now that we’ve started.

It’s not just the physical growth or how gigantic Munchkin seems in comparison to his baby sister. That in and of itself is shocking enough – especially in light of the photo of three-day-old Munchkin D still keeps as his desktop image. It’s more all the things Munchkin can now do on his own, some of which are hard to square with those that he still cannot.

From peeling his own vegetables and serving his own food to doing dishes, feeding the dog, bathing, and climbing into his car seat – Munchkin wants to do it all by himself. D literally did not believe Munchkin when he said he could get into the trampoline on his own, but sure enough: he kicked off his shoes, slipped a couple of times until he found enough purchase to brace his foot on one of the trampoline’s vertical metal support struts, and then hoisted himself atop the structure, which is as tall as he is. And yet Munchkin still can’t get himself dressed, and makes quite the amusing spectacle when he waddles out of the bathroom in search of parental assistance with his pants around his ankles.

Not to be outdone, Junebug is also sprouting like a weed. She is doing baby crunches – the precursor to sitting up – and exploring the world around her by sticking anything she can get her hands on into her mouth. Usually, when D comes home from work he greets Junebug first of all, which she rewards with happy gurgling and broad smiles. The other day, when D did not go straight to her, she started cooing and squawking loudly as soon as she heard his voice, and when D looked in her direction she quieted down and broke out in an ear-to-ear grin.

As much as she loves her papa, Junebug pays the closest attention to her big brother. If he should walk into the room while S is nursing, Junebug immediately let’s go and swivels her head around to see what Munchkin is up to. When he bumped his head the other day and started to cry, she looked fixedly at him and also broke out in sympathy tears. Now that Junebug is more alert and active, Munchkin pays quite a lot more attention to her than he did even one month ago.

We hope this nascent bond translates into a lifelong friendship – as much as we enjoy watching both of them grow up right before our very eyes, nothing would please as more than to watch them grow close to each other. For now, at least half the time that Munchkin “plays” with his baby sister involves him petting her head as if she were a puppy, but hey – it’s a start!

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