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trick or treat

After seeing how much enjoyment Munchkin derived from last year’s Halloween festivities, we decided to up our game this year.

Not only did S’s mom make Munchkin two different Halloween outfits, but we also decided to do a family costume, dressing up as the little pigs to Munchkin’s big bad wolf. The Three Little Pigs has long been a favorite fairy tale of his, and when S’s mom made him the wolf-skin costume over the summer Munchkin was overjoyed. Well before October arrived, he would dress up as the big bad wolf and run around the house roaring and pretending to eat us.

When the time came to go trick-or-treating, however, his excitement waned. After loving to be photographed for most of his young life, the Munch has become camera-shy the last couple of months. We had a devil of a time just getting him to stay still so that we could capture nana’s creation for posterity; eliciting a smile out of him proved impossible. Munchkin also gets easily overwhelmed at big events. Unlike last year, when he wished everyone a “happy Haloleen” as S wheeled him around from house to house on his radio flyer, this year Munchkin was taciturn and shed his costume long before completing the trick-or-treat circuit in our neighborhood.

No matter the event – and no matter how much Munchkin looks forward to it, like he did to last weekend’s Halloween party – it usually takes him an hour or so to warm up. We were nearing the end of our stroll through the neighborhood by the time Munchkin finally came out of his shell. One of the Embassy families graciously opened up their yard for a Halloween party, and the place was completely overrun by the mission’s 80 or so kids. Having warmed up to the occasion Munchkin eventually had a blast. It was well past our little wolf’s bedtime when S finally coaxed him off the bouncy castle so that we could head home.

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  1. When we celebrated Halloween in the mid 60’s when Dad was stationed in Bogota, the Colombian children knew only that “treekeetree” was the magic chant that produced “dulces.” I was 12 before I went Trick or Treating without an adult glued to my side, an experience in the Maryland suburbs that was thrilling and scary!

    October 30, 2017
    • I bet! I was ten when I immigrated to the US — to the Bronx, to be precise. My first Halloween was definitely more unsettling than exciting.

      — D

      October 30, 2017

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