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four and counting

At four months, Junebug is definitely putting us through our paces. The fear of missing out apparently runs strong in her because no sooner do we get her to fall asleep than her eyes pop open again. D’s sister used to take ten-minute naps when she was Junebug’s age; the first time she slept more than half an hour in one stretch, D’s mom must have checked on her at least a dozen times to make sure she was still breathing. Junebug is trending in the same direction, with each “nap” typically requiring multiple interventions to lull her to sleep.

Keeping Junebug active to tire her out seems to have no effect at all. She now rolls over both front to back and back to front, but has not yet figured out or shown much interest in crawling. Given how much more she enjoys being upright than supine, at this rate she might walk before she crawls – just like her mama. Junebug did take a long, uninterrupted nap yesterday, which could not have come at a better time. The previous evening we threw a birthday party for D, who turned 35 the same day that Junebug marked the beginning of her fifth month. Suffice it to say that our energy reserves were a bit depleted yesterday as a result, and having even an hour of quiet time in the afternoon seemed like a minor miracle.

Looking back at our blog posts from three years ago, it is clear that Munchkin was no less challenging at this age. It is also evident that we have mentally blocked out the nightmare of trying to help him through his sleep regression. Junebug is such a calm, wonderful baby when she’s not shrieking her lungs out at bedtime. We are looking forward to the sweet amnesia of parenthood wiping away our recollections of these trying moments as well, leaving only the pleasant memories of her cute cuddles and beaming smiles.

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