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survival mode

With Junebug steadfastly refusing to nap in the evenings and Munchkin continuing his Tasmanian devil act by tearing up the house on a daily basis, we are still very much living day to day.

A colleague suggested a Monday afternoon get-together a few days ago, prompting total bewilderment from D, who had not realized that we would have an extended weekend on account of Columbus Day. When D recounted the episode to S she was similarly confused. Junebug’s routine does not change from one day to the next, and keeping track of her feedings and naps each day is trying enough; calendar dates have ceased to matter.

Junebug is all smiles most of the day – the picture-perfect happy baby, but she goes from content to upset in the blink of an eye when she is tired. And now that her sleep regression has hit, each nap has turned into a small pitched battle. She tries in vain to free herself from our arms and even when we get her to fall asleep she pops wide awake again as soon as her head touches the crib mattress. Until this sleep regression passes and Junebug stops fighting sleep in the evenings, weekends won’t offer much respite from the workweek.

During the week we have help, but over the weekend we are on the hook for trying to keep Munchkin entertained all day while tending to Junebug’s needs. And there are few forces more destructive than a child overcome by ennui. Today, however, promises to be the best kind of holiday as Munchkin is off to school while we get the day off.

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