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— Papa, the baby’s crying on the monitor. She’s all alone in her room.

— What about mama?

— No, mama wants to play with me. You go get her.

Munchkin may have introduced a bit of a self-interested twist to S’s message but he probably was not too far off the mark. All four of us came down with a cold last weekend, which made our baby’s already elusive sleep nearly impossible to sustain. The extra burden, of course, fell disproportionately on S’s shoulders. So Munchkin was probably right that she preferred to watch him say “bednight” to each of his toy trains before putting them to sleep to trudging upstairs to soothe a screaming infant.

Junebug turned three months last week and marked the end of her “fourth trimester” by rolling over for the first time (for real this time). With the world now fully in focus she has also become quite a lot fussier, literally fighting sleep each evening. She used to love nothing more than to fall asleep in the crook of D’s arm. Now D has to pin her arms by force and she still kicks and screams for a brief eternity before exhausting herself enough to doze off. Unfortunately, even after passing out in our arms, Junebug wakes as soon as we transfer her to her crib. She is still super cute and snuggly, but this new phase in which she treats sleep like a mortal enemy cannot pass fast enough.

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