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what about Junebug?

By the time Munchkin was a couple months old, we had already spilled a considerable amount of digital ink chronicling his every squirm, coo, and nascent personality quirk in the pages of this blog. As Junebug’s due date approached, we talked about the need to ensure that she does not get second billing – that we devote at least as much attention to her as to him so that she does not feel like she is growing up in his shadow.

Our best intentions notwithstanding, juggling two kids is exponentially more difficult than one, so it comes as no surprise that we have been much more lax in documenting Junebug’s first few months. “SO? Tell us, what has she learned to do? What new things is she doing?” D’s mom is usually bursting with questions over Skype, and D’s inability to provide a full report only exacerbates her curiosity.

One week into her Kigali residence, Junebug is finally settling into somewhat of a routine. We had hoped that she would now that she is a bit older and has gotten over jet lag, but with an infant one never takes anything for granted. The biggest adjustment for her was not the cross-Atlantic journey, but the change of scenery from the tranquility of northern Maine to the noise and bustle of Kigali, the capital of one of Africa’s most densely populated countries.

Even our residential neighborhood is far from quiet. The houses are built practically one on top another, so we are treated to a constant soundtrack of barking dogs, screaming babies, loud television, and incomprehensible conversation from our neighbors – none of which makes rocking a cranky baby to sleep any easier. Truth be told, our dog also contributes to the mix, barking whenever strangers approach our gate, which usually happens at the most inopportune of moments.

Fortunately, Junebug continues to be an easy baby – at least in comparison to our memories of Munchkin’s earliest days. She coos, she smiles, she loves to munch on her own balled-up fists, grunting with what we think is pleasure as she tries to fit them both into her mouth at the same time. She is not big on tummy time, but she loves to stand, which makes us think she’ll be an early walker. And most importantly, she still loves being snuggled in our arms – something we are keenly aware we need to treasure as long as it lasts.

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