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glamour shots

By the time Munchkin was discharged from the hospital, he was a week old, and we literally had taken thousands of photos of the little man. Sorting and editing them all – and the many more that followed – was a labor of love, but a painstaking labor nonetheless. We’ve tried to be a bit more judicious with our camera use the second time around, spending more time snuggling and interacting with Junebug than photographing her.

But there are times when it’s hard to hold back, and Junebug’s photo shoot was one such occasion. The hospital where both Junebug and Munchkin were born offers a complementary photo session, and we took full advantage. With all of the complications surrounding Munchkin’s birth, his baby photos slipped until discharge day. By then he was too wide awake and fussy to sit or lay still for long.

With Junebug, we were much better prepared. A friend in Kigali gifted us a cute newborn outfit, and we brought a couple of other props with us, taking advantage of the short complementary session with a professional to stage a much longer photo shoot of our own.

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