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fickle memories

For all the fond memories we have of Munchkin’s earliest days, there are a lot of little details that we happily consigned to the time cracks of history, and which we are now relearning with Junebug.

Our minds are genetically predisposed to function like a sieve, catching the important memories while filtering out a lot of details. It’s why we can react with awe and inspiration every time we see a beautiful sunset. It’s also what enables us to shrug off the physical pain of childbirth and the sleepless nights and thousand little worries that follow. How else to explain that perfectly rational adults, after navigating the emotional purgatory of early parenthood, decide that having more children is a wise idea?

Perhaps it is because Junebug was a midnight baby whereas Munchkin was born mid-morning; or maybe because she had an extra week in utero and came into the world on her own terms whereas he was forced to abandon the womb early; maybe it’s because Munchkin’s labor was considerably longer and more difficult; or it might be because Junebug is aware somehow that she will have to grow up in the shadow of a big brother – whatever the reason, Junebug has proved to be a considerably more assertive baby than Munchkin was at this early age.

Munchkin was kind enough to ease us into parenthood, hanging out in a sleepy daze for the first couple of days before giving us hell our third or fourth night. Junebug opted not to extend us the same courtesy. More hungry than sleepy, she has given S quite the rough ride, bringing forth a trickle of painful recollections. Fortunately, along with each parenting challenge we had forgotten there are also dozens of moments of indescribable joy that are hard to replicate after one’s cuddly newborn turns into a rambunctious toddler.

Having survived our first 24 hours, we’re excited to get to know Junebug’s personality as we rediscover all the highs and lows of early parenthood. Atop that list is the emotional connection one feels cradling such a tiny baby – it is impossible to fully comprehend the depth of human love until one holds one’s newborn child in one’s arms.

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