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any day now

It’s T-minus 5 days, if the due date prognostication is to be believed, and while S is more than ready for this pregnancy to be over, the little lady seems content to remain comfortably ensconced in the womb for the time being. D’s parents, eager for their granddaughter’s arrival, call after every prenatal doctor’s appointment to request “an update on the due date.” Munchkin has adopted a more direct approach, pressing on S’s belly while chanting, “Come out, baby sister!”

“I would be stressing out and losing my mind if I were in your shoes,” a friend told us recently. He has two daughters, both younger than Munchkin, so this was not idle talk. And no doubt about it, life will turn topsy-turvy as soon as the little lady does deign to make her appearance into the real world. This is why we are trying to make the most of each day – filling up our reservoir of relaxation, so to speak, with leisurely walks in the woods, fun outings with Munchkin, time with friends, books, concerts, and the like.

Serving in the diplomatic corps, one is always “on the job.” Even hanging out on the weekend with friends, one must keep in mind that serving as the face of one’s country is one of the job’s core responsibilities. It may not be at the forefront of our minds all the time, but the thought is definitely always present. It means choosing our words carefully even in the most casual of settings, sidestepping some subjects and keeping our opinions on others to ourselves.

The flip side to the above is that when we go on R&R we try to keep our work as far from our minds as possible. We forget, perhaps intentionally, the passwords to our locked email inboxes. With our work desks literally half a world away, letting go of office worries comes easily.

Having a near constant stream of visitors who are all eager to spend time with Munchkin helps cut down on the stress of parenthood as well. We have several friends from various parts of our lives who now call Portland home, and family is never far away. A few days after D’s parents returned to Connecticut, S’s mom drove down from Bangor for a multi-day visit. So, unless S spontaneously goes into labor tonight, which might happen of course, we’re planning on taking advantage of her mom’s visit to have one last pre-baby date night: dinner and a ska show.

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  1. Ha! Uhhh, a ska show will surely induce labor!

    June 23, 2017

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