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scenes of birthday mayhem

Today was the culmination of Munchkin’s birthday celebration – a party S has been masterminding for months. Considering that it rained last night and poured hard towards the end of the event, we feel very fortunate that we managed to pull off this birthday extravaganza. Here are a few of our favorite shots from this riotous morning.


Three is the year when things finally begin to really click. At his previous birthday parties, Munchkin largely skirted the other kids, either clinging to one of us or seeking out a quiet corner in which to play alone with his favorite toys. This time, he seemed genuinely excited to see a lot of his friends and classmates. And though he still grew shy when thrust into the center of everyone’s attention, he seemed to have a grand time overall.


This little boy was very insistent that Munchkin accept his birthday present. For his part, Munchkin was not quite sure how to respond. D had to step our from behind the camera to resolve the Mexican standoff.


The sandbox, built by one of our friends, was our main birthday gift to Munchkin. It proved a popular attraction, so much so that we likely underestimated the amount of sand we’d need. The apparent sharing in the above photo is misleading – this little girl is one of Munchkin’s best friends, but her mom jokingly — and accurately — described our two tots as “frenemies.” There was a lot of competition over which one of them got to hold and play with this truck, including a fair amount of high-pitched screaming.



Even before the early afternoon torrential downpour that chased our remaining guests, our lawn had begun to resemble a lake, thanks in no small part to a barely contained water fight.


“Don’t shoot me in the glasses,” this boy cried, before spraying his adversary point blank in the face.


What goes around, comes around. The little girl’s older brother was not nearly as deferential as she had been.


This toy required a bit of MacGyvering to connect, but proved incredibly popular with several of our younger guests. And, of course, it is impossible to go wrong with chocolate cake.


A big thanks to all the parents and kids who joined us in belatedly celebrating our little man’s big day.

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