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three and counting

Amid all our travels and visits from first one set of grandparents and then another, our little man turned three last month.


The obvious downside of having your birthday overseas as a little kid is that all of your extended family members are far away. The upsides easily outweigh this inconvenience. For one, relatives still send gifts; more importantly, the gifts don’t arrive all at once, so the birthday celebration stretches for weeks, even months. Munchkin got some presents from nana and zadie during our Namibia travels in January. D’s parents came to visit a few weeks after we returned, and Munchkin’s actual birthday fell during the middle of their visit. It’s now March, and the gifts are still trickling in through the mail.


We even stretched the celebrations out over several weeks. S baked Munchkin a chocolate brownie for his actual birthday, which we celebrated quietly among family – just us and D’s parents. Chocolate is the first true love of Munchkin’s young life, so the brownie was very well received. And he enjoyed the multiple renditions of “Happy Birthday” D’s parents sang with gusto.


The next day, we accompanied Munchkin to school to partake in the celebration with his class. Unlike the FSI daycare, which expressly forbade photography of any kind, Munchkin’s teachers here were perfectly fine with us sitting in the classroom and filming his big day. Unfortunately, Munchkin grew painfully shy, clinging to S and refusing to participate in his own celebration. He only came out of his shell a little at the very end – when S distributed the muffins she had baked and Munchkin’s teacher passed around photos from his younger years. Even so, we were excited to catch a glimpse of his schooling, and the outrageously funny things his classmates said made up for Munchkin’s timidity.


Because we traveled around Rwanda with D’s parents, we have been unable to throw Munchkin a proper birthday party, but we’ll remedy this slight over the coming weekend, so the celebrations will continue at least for a few days more.

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  1. Happy Birthday Munchkin!! :)

    March 1, 2017

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