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panoply of panoramas

Prior to departing the United States, we did a tiny bit of travel. S took Munchkin up to Maine for her family’s annual trip to Deer Isle. D, meanwhile, flew out to Colorado to celebrate the Fourth of July with a short camping trip. In the scramble of packing, moving, and resettling, we have had scant time to look at the pictures from those trips, and D just now has gotten around to sorting some of them. The landscapes in Colorado were so stunning that one picture usually failed to do the scenery justice, so D made a lot of panorama shots.

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first day of school

Another week behind us, another month in the books. Munchkin started school on Wednesday, but that was the only indication that the summer months have passed and September is upon us. One wouldn’t know it by the weather, which remains exactly as pleasant as it was the day we arrived – warm, sunny days alternating with pleasantly cool nights every twelve hours, as regular as clockwork.

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