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first day of school

Another week behind us, another month in the books. Munchkin started school on Wednesday, but that was the only indication that the summer months have passed and September is upon us. One wouldn’t know it by the weather, which remains exactly as pleasant as it was the day we arrived – warm, sunny days alternating with pleasantly cool nights every twelve hours, as regular as clockwork.


We have fallen into a pretty nice groove, both socially and at work. Either Kigali has the most welcoming Embassy community we have yet encountered or it is significantly easier to make friends when one has a small child than when one is flying solo. Perhaps both are a bit true. There are a ton of families with children in the 2 to 8 age range, and it took Munchkin almost no time at all to become inseparable from a couple of them.

When he is not playing with his friends, which is often – the nannies in our neighborhood all know each other, so it is not uncommon to come home to find a nanny one does not recognize hanging around the house with someone else’s child – Munchkin talks incessantly about his pals. “We go to Alex’ house,” is a refrain we hear a lot, and when we suggest an outing, his typical rejoinder is to insist that one of his friends should also come.

Some of the nannies default to French instead of English, as does a boy in the neighborhood with whom Munchkin will start carpooling to school next week, so it is possible the little man will pick up a few words of it as well. There is little doubt at this point, however, that English has become firmly cemented as his dominant tongue, even though his brand of it still remains uniquely creative. In addition to “moogies” for “music,” our favorite new word of his is “apple-cado” for “avocado.”

Most importantly, a few days in, Munchkin already seems to adore his school. S was apprehensive that there might be tears when she dropped him off on Wednesday. She need not have worried; Munchkin had such a good time at school that he refused to go home when S came to pick him up in the afternoon.

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