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waiting game

“Can you turn that off?” S mumbled from the depth of her slumber as the first rays of early morning sunlight filtered through the curtains. “Turn what off?” – “Your alarm, it’s too loud,” she sighed. When D pointed out that his alarm was off and she was simply hearing the usual cacophony of morning bird calls, S rolled over with another sigh and the somewhat cryptic admonition, “No more feeding!”


She was referring, D eventually surmised, to the birdfeeders that we have yet to set up but which should be arriving this week, along with the rest of our things from Moldova. With the multitude of birds that already visit our garden, D has been looking forward to setting up birdfeeders and a birdbath in our yard, along with his hammock and our cornhole boards. Besides those items and our furniture, we honestly are not quite sure what else is inside in the boxes we packed a year ago in Chisinau.

The frequent moves all over the globe that service in our nation’s diplomatic corps necessitates make one wonder about the utility of accumulating personal possessions. They’re great to have when one is all settled in, but almost as soon as we get comfortably settled, it’s time to pack again – to separate the useful items from the truly indispensable ones while wondering why we own so many things that fit into neither category. We have yet to ship anything to storage, and our aim is to periodically purge our belongings so that we don’t have to, lest we wind up like D’s former boss who upon retirement received boxes he had consigned to the storage depot thirty years prior and which contained the clothing and toys that belonged to his firstborn.

Even so, our household effects from Moldova constitute only one of several shipments we are awaiting. There is also a similar shipment from DC, which is likely sailing the high seas at the moment, a smaller allotment that we were allowed to ship from Washington by airfreight, and our car. Like our belongings from Moldova, the airfreight has already arrived in country, but could not be extricated from customs until we received diplomatic accreditation, a hurdle we cleared last week.

2016.08.07 pure joy

Munchkin doesn’t know it yet, but he’s about to receive a big windfall. It remains to be seen how many of his old toys still hold his interest, but at a minimum his book collection will swell dramatically.

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