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Snowzilla: the morning after

After hunkering down all of Saturday and watching the blizzard rage on into the night, we were excited to see the sun beaming down today. Perfect weather to play outside and enjoy the accumulation from one of the most powerful snowstorms to ever hit the East Coast.


Not everyone was eager to tramp in the snow, however. Munchkin, for one, needed a lot of convincing. We took him outside at the very beginning of the blizzard on Friday, but he was not the least bit interested in the flurries, and just wanted S to hold him. D took him outside again this morning, and he walked out along the path between two giant snow banks before turning tail and waddling back to the door.


In the late afternoon, when the little green space behind our building was flooded with sunlight, we tried a third time. With a bit of encouragement we managed to coax a few smiles and about fifteen minutes of playtime before Munchkin lost interest in the snow itself and asked to go see the snow plows that were busy clearing our street. We had to tear him away from them when it was finally time to go back inside.


Emmie was even more unsettled by the snowstorm. In Moldova she romped with joy in the heaps of snow that accumulated in our yard, but here it’s been a struggle just to get her out the door even when she really needs to go outside. For one, she hates her booties, and with the amount of chemical salts that are used to de-ice the walkways, it is impossible to take her out without them.


Also, for some reason, she adamantly refuses to take care of her business on the sidewalk. None of the other dogs in this city seem to have a similar problem, but Emmie is either too shy or too haughty to soil the pavement where humans tread. If there is no grass, or at least dirt, somewhere away from prying eyes, she simply won’t go no matter how badly she needs to. And with all of her spots now buried under two feet of snow, her eyes betray an aura of deep melancholy every time we take her for a walk.


In many ways, this snowstorm has left us feeling quite fortunate. For one, we did not have to do any shoveling, as the management company that owns our apartment building took care of clearing the sidewalks. We had made some preparations for emergency water and back-up power, but experienced none of the disruptions that have plagued thousands of residents up and down the East Coast. And while our street has been cleared, many of D.C.’s streets remain unplowed.


Spending all of Saturday cooped up indoors felt a little like losing half of our weekend, but with so much of the nation’s capital still buried in snow, the government remains in shutdown mode and we get another snow day tomorrow to make up for it. Maybe Munchkin will finally warm up to the snow tomorrow.

For the record, we take no credit for any of the snowmen pictured above.

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