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The hardest decision we faced this home leave was whether to take some time out for ourselves or take Munchkin along on all of our travels. Last home leave — before Munchkin entered the picture — we spent three weeks road-tripping around California, hiking and camping in various state parks. D wanted to do a similar road trip this year, which was a hard sell with S, who did not want to spend several weeks away from our baby boy.

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Munchkin is at the age where he is definitely old enough to notice when we are gone, but too young to understand why or for how long. The week S spent in Ireland with her parents, he woke up every morning asking, “Papa? Papa?” And when he awoke one morning to find that D had returned to his world, Munchkin would not let him out of his sight the entire day.


The argument that won S over to the road trip idea is recognizing that Munchkin’s grandparents need some quality time with him too. Even so, she worries that he will miss us and feel abandoned while we are gone, that he will develop separation anxiety while we are away, or that he will act out when we return and stop being as loving as he is now. And even if none of those come to pass, she knows for a fact that she will miss him terribly no matter how much fun we are having on the road.


Anxieties and emotional turmoil aside, the decision has been made, our bags are packed, and this week we head out to the great Southwest for a three-week trip. In addition to leaving Munchkin we have also decided to leave our laptops behind. We’ll be back in November with plenty of photos and stories from the weeks we have already spent on the east coast and our travels out west.

Photo credit: Zack + Jenny (top), Lissa (middle), Penny (bottom)

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  1. Great Post.

    October 12, 2015
  2. Marina #

    Hope you two have a blast! The munchkin is getting lots of quality grandparent time…I’m sure they (& he) are loving it. I’ll be checking in on the little guy on just a few weeks, so excited!!

    October 13, 2015

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