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pushing boundaries

Munchkin turned 11 months yesterday, the last time we celebrate the anniversary of his birth in months.


The previous month he had started walking. In the intervening weeks he has gone from taking a handful of halting steps to running slow circles around us. He still looks a little drunk and unsteady on his feet, but he is self-assured enough that we no longer worry about him hurting himself every time he starts ambling. Even more important than walking is the fact that he has figured out how to fall, so when he does tumble to the floor — as still happens all too frequently — he arrests the fall with his hands and knees rather than his forehead.


Slowly but surely, our little man is also growing a little more self-aware. He now responds to his name (sometimes), and has begun to heed us when we say NO (still rather inconsistently). D has a bit more success in this regard because he has no qualms about using his stern voice; whereas, S still prefers to try to sweet-talk and redirect Munchkin out of misbehaving.


One thing is certain: he now knows when he is doing something he shouldn’t, and this is a recent development. Electrical cords, especially if they are plugged into an outlet, are a particular favorite of his. Sometimes, after crawling around aimlessly he’ll get up and make a beeline for the wall socket. A sharp rebuke is usually enough to halt him, but not to make him turn around right away. Instead, he stands there unhappily grunting his displeasure, as if to say, “I know I’m not supposed to, but I really want to.” If we remain quiet, or — worse — laugh at his disgruntlement, he tries to reach for the cord again, as if to test our resolve. On the other hand, several stern exhortations usually suffice to make him abandon his mischievous plans and walk away from the tempting forbidden object.

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  1. Kate #

    Happy 11th-month to Munchkin!

    We’ve been following your blog like hawks for the last year, trying to get a glimpse of how you try to juggle travel, FS life and parenting. And taking copious notes- we now have a six week old.

    Would you consider doing a post on your strategies for travelling with the little one?

    January 24, 2015
  2. Ha – love the shot of grand-dad trying to wrangle him!

    January 29, 2015

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