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second twirl on the merry-go-round

Although we largely have devoted our recent posts to our travels, we have been back in Chisinau for the better part of a month now.


We returned just in time to bid the summer adieu. Early September was still all warmth and sunshine but it was not long before autumn’s dreary weather began knocking on Moldova’s door. And once it did, it was incredible how abruptly the last days of summer gave way to cold temperatures and rainy evenings.

We saw something similar last year. Our trip through the Balkans marked the midway point of our Chisinau tour. When we arrived in Moldova last August, we had just enough time to enjoy the last estival days and savor summer’s bountiful harvest before the wide array of fresh fruits and vegetables disappeared from the outdoor markets, leaving behind only a few root crops and forlorn heads of cabbage. Last summer, S canned a bunch of fruit, but this year most of the high quality produce was already gone from the market stalls by the time we returned to Chisinau. The only preserves we have are ones S made from our own fruit trees before embarking on our travels.

Now that we are well settled in and past the midway point of our tour, some of the novelty of being in Moldova has worn off. For instance, this week was the Bostaniada — Moldova’s annual pumpkin festival. We went last year, but this year decided to skip the crowds and take Emmie for a walk in the woods with a couple of other Embassy families instead. Chisinau’s art community also organized what will probably be the last YardSale of the year today, which S checked out while D tried to get an exhausted but rebellious Munchkin to lie down for his afternoon nap.

With the better part of a year still ahead of us, it’s difficult to wrap our minds around the fact that in a way we’re already on our way out. Several of our close Embassy friends have already completed their tours and departed Moldova, and now that the summer transfer season is over, the Embassy community is full of new faces. D is in the midst of bidding for our onward assignment, but we don’t like to live too far in the future. We still have plenty of time left before we have to start thinking about moving on.

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