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time lapse

From month-by-month onesies to milestone stickers and even printable fabric sets, there is no shortage of products to help parents commemorate their babies’ progress through the first year of life. A friend in Nairobi shared monthly pictures of his daughter sitting in the same chair, and several of our friends who had children around the same time as we did post monthly pictures of their babies in their cribs. Since we photograph Munchkin on an almost daily basis anyway, we decided to do a month-by-month series as well, using the Eric Carle quilt S’s mom made for him as the backdrop.

07.23.2014 mouthful of hand

There is no question that Munchkin’s early years will be over-documented. Whereas S has always enjoyed portrait photography, D had previously eschewed human subjects in favor of natural landscapes and their inhabitants. Given how fast Munchkin grows and changes, and how much we enjoy making each new discovery with him, he has quickly become our favorite photo subject.

08.01.2014 superman pose

Sorting the thousands of photos we’ve taken of our little man at times feels like a Sisyphean task, but it’s one that D enjoys nonetheless. When S went home last month, she brought a DVD for our parents of our 500 favorite photos from Munchkin’s first four months. Scrolling through the pictures together before she left we were amazed to see just how much he has changed physically — differences that were not as easily apparent  to us because we see and hold him every day. For example, he steadily lost much of the curly hair he had at birth, going practically bald at the back, before a new crop of straight hair appeared in the last couple of weeks. Now he sports a wispy mohawk of his old curly hair on top of the new straight locks.

08.06.2014 funny face

We meant to share the first six monthly pictures together, but as we won’t be able to take a 6-month photo on the quilt, this post comes a couple of weeks ahead of schedule. Halfway through his sixth month, the Munch is beginning to sit up, though he still cannot do it independently; he is as close to crawling without actually doing it as seems humanly possible; and he loves being helped to his feet. He now squeals with delight whenever something is to his liking, and never more so than when we give him our fingers to hold so that he can practice walking.

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  1. awww your baby is soooo cute!! :)

    August 10, 2014
    • Thank you! We certainly think so as well, but it’s nice to see that people who aren’t biased also agree :)

      August 10, 2014
      • hahahaha.. I tell that to my mom when she says I’m pretty :P

        August 10, 2014
  2. Lovely babe. Great lion for World Lion Day.

    August 10, 2014
  3. Judy Lamhut #

    Hi D and S, Love the pictures of the baby! Precious! XO Nana & Grandpa

    Sent from my iPad


    August 10, 2014

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