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five and counting

Sometime, hopefully in the not too distant future, S plans to write about her 3-week-long trip back to the United States. Dealing with a jet-lagged baby and trying to get over jet lag herself has stymied somewhat her motivation to write. In the meantime, we celebrated Munchkin’s fifth month today and thought we’d mark the occasion by sharing some pictures. We get the sense that many of our most loyal followers are pretty much only interested in Munchkin updates anyway.


D wasn’t sure quite what to expect after not seeing the little man for three weeks. He thought Munchkin would probably change immensely and might not even recognize him after such a prolonged absence; D also secretly hoped that there would be no major developmental breakthroughs that he would miss while Munchkin was in the States.


According to his last check-up the Munch has now more than doubled his birth weight, though he did not seem any bigger when he returned than D remembered him being before the trip. Without a doubt, however, he has grown much more coordinated during his three-week sojourn to visit grandparents.


When he left, Munchkin was just beginning to inch forward when placed on his tummy. He has yet to master locomotion fully, but his worming has grown a lot more purposeful, even if it still rather ineffective. If we put him down in one corner of his crib, he is sure to wake up in a completely different spot. He scoots around, looking like a tiny, uncoordinated breakdancer, sometimes rolling instead of worming forward, and at other times inexplicably moving backwards or switching direction. And at other times, he raises himself on his hands and knees and rocks back and forth. It all still looks rather aimless, but given the increased strength in his limbs and his enthusiasm, we’re sure crawling is right on the horizon.


His increased motor skills also include much greater hand-mouth coordination. Pretty much anything left within reach will wind up in Munchkin’s mouth. It is amusing to watch, not just because he gnaws literally on everything, but also because he does it in slow motion, reaching for the objects placed in front of him with great deliberation and unhurriedly opening his mouth, as if debating whether he really should give them a taste before plunging whatever he had managed to grab hold off deep into his maw.


Being independently upright may still be several months away, but there is no question that working on this particular motor skill is far and away Munchkin’s favorite activity. Even when he is tired and getting fussy, his face lights up and he chortles with delight if we help him get to his feet. If we’re reading the tea leaves right, this means we’ll have a whale of a time keeping up with him once he can walk around on his own.


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