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One of the challenges of co-writing this blog is that invariably there is content on which we disagree. Usually we manage to reach a compromise decision before posting, but every once in a while something slips by the censors’ eyes. 


D probably should have anticipated that the blog name for our little man would be as controversial a decision as the discussions that led us to choose his actual name. But with everything that was going on when we uploaded our first baby posts we never had a chance to discuss it, so D went with “Munchkin” because that was what our delivery nurse kept calling him and he thought it sounded cute enough.

D still likes the moniker but S is not so sure, so we’ve decided to solve our disagreement the only democratic way possible — by taking a vote. Do you want want him to remain Munchkin? Should he go by LB (his initials, which also conveniently abbreviate to “Little Bug”)? Below are half a dozen potential nicknames for our diplo-tot. Please cast your vote and help us decide.


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