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by popular demand

D’s co-workers had been clamoring to meet him, so today S  brought Munchkin into the Embassy and then to the Hail & Farewell – the first of what promises to be a busy transfer season. Along with all the new staff that joined the Mission recently, Munchkin also received an official welcome from the Ambassador, though he was too busy slurping down milk to appreciate the warm reception his arrival occasioned.


03.14.2014 tummy time




03.14.2014 sleeping angel

We’ve been so swamped at work and at home that we barely paused to mark Munchkin’s 2-month birthday this week. Our families, on the other hand, were right on top of it and took advantage of the occasion to remind us that we’ve been remiss in sharing photos of him since we’ve moved back to Moldova. He’s grown and changed so much in these last two months that we can hardly believe it ourselves.

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  1. Lissa #

    I cannot believe how much he has changed! Still adorable and clearly wears the “milk coma” well.

    April 26, 2014

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