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many faces

In preparation for his current job, D went through a training module on micro-expressions. Scientists have found that regardless of culture and upbringing, all people the world over exhibit certain basic emotions in the same way. As adults, we try to hide these expressions and when our faces betray our innermost thoughts, they do so for only a split second before our mind regains control. Not only do babies lack that kind of self-restraint, but they actually appear to exaggerate their facial expressions — perhaps as a means of compensating for their inability to express themselves verbally. In honor of Munchkin’s 1-month birthday, here is a small sampling of his many facial expressions.

Is it safe to open my eyes? 


Life is exhausting. Maybe I just better go back to sleep. 

sleeping angel

Typical. Like D when he was a baby, Munchkin is a champion sleeper…for now.


I’m not ticklish, I swear…


Ok, maybe a little.


Ok, you woke me up…now what?

seriously learning

Are you going to feed me or just look at me?

milk coma face

Milk coma.


I’m about to get real upset — just thought I’d warn you.


Now you’ve done it!

discovering thumbs

Fingers…almost as delicious as mother’s milk.

love the binky

Happy sucking, even while asleep.

oh face

Dreaming about breasts.


See above.



stop with the embarrassing photos

I can’t believe you’re making me ride this ridiculous moose. I’m mad as hell I can’t do anything about it.

deeply offended

You have deeply offended me. I may never forgive you.

curious face

This world sure is a curious place. 

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  1. rachelwiseman #

    it’s a little early to start training him for the moose rodeo, dontcha think?

    March 24, 2014
    • It’s never too early – you should know that! Besides, S bought an IKEA rocking moose, so this early practice should serve him in good stead.

      March 24, 2014
  2. He certainly lets everyone know what he’s feeling. Love the champion sleeper shot, bless him :-)

    Does he have a “change-me-I-am-wet” face yet?

    March 24, 2014
    • Surprisingly, he doesn’t seem to mind having a wet diaper. But see the all out screaming face for what he looks like during diaper changes. Munchkin does not like being cold and exposed.

      March 24, 2014

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