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winter playtime

We were worried about how Emmie would adapt to Chisinau’s cold climate, and at first it looked like our worries were justified. She shivered uncontrollably whenever the temperatures dipped and looked utterly miserable every time we took her for a walk. We bought her a jacket and bootees but it seems that all she really needed was a little time to adjust. Now she loves nothing more than to play in the snow. At the risk of exceeding our blog’s acceptable quota of cute puppy pictures, here are a few of our favorites.


Even with temperatures well below zero, she bounds out of the house to play in the snow.


Trying to find her toy, which is buried in two feet of snow.


Trying to keep D from taking said toy after she spent five minutes digging it out of one snow bank only to flip it into another.


The gift that keeps on giving. She rarely plays with her toys by herself, but toss this one into the snow and she’ll entertain herself for hours — or at the very least longer than D can stand the chilly temperatures outside.  


Gone in search of a snowball.


Maybe if she digs a little harder, she’ll find that snowball after all.


The look of suspicion mixed with disbelief as D shows her another snowball.


As D prepares to join S stateside, there is no question what we’ll miss most about not being in Moldova for a couple of months. At least our minds are at ease because a good friend whom Emmie adores has agreed to dog-sit for us.


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  1. I wish my dog was that cute in snow! She just whimpers and tries to take cover under a car or something. :)

    February 14, 2014

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