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night visions

The magic of photography is not that it enables one to capture a moment and freeze it in time for all to see. There is a lot to be said for that too, of course, but that’s not where the real power of this art form lies. What is even more amazing is that being behind the camera somehow causes a subtle transformation. It makes one look at a world in a different way, opening one’s eyes to all the beauty that surrounds us and which often goes unnoticed.


The ice has mostly melted off the trees in our back yard, to be replaced by ephemeral, prickly frost last night. 


There was nothing on the trees when D came home in the evening, but when he let Emmie outside before going to bed, he saw the wind sweep clouds of icy mist through our yard and ran back inside to get a camera.


The trees were blanketed white when the sun rose this morning but this spectacular display didn’t last. After two weeks of frozen weather, Chisinau is expecting a thaw this weekend. Already, by the time D came home today, all the branches were bare and the snow that had accumulated over the last two weeks had receded noticeably. 

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