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ice age

The wintery weather we had sought in vain in Bukovel caught up with us as soon as we headed back to Chisinau. Snow fell for most of the day and it took us three more hours to backtrack across the snow-swept country roads back to Moldova than it had taken us on the way to Bukovel. Even the Moldovans now agree that winter has come in earnest.


The trees in Chisinau are heavy with ice. They rattle menacingly when the night wind whistles through their branches. 


In fact, the trees are so heavy with ice that D saw various icy branches blocking traffic on his way to work. In one instances, a branch had fallen in the middle of the street that leads to the Embassy, damaging a moving vehicle.


There was hardly any snow when D left for Ukraine, but he returned to find our yard buried in close to half a foot of pristine white powder. 


It had been unseasonably warm for so long that the trees had started budding a month or so ago. Now these buds are sadly encased in thick ice. We hope this won’t stop the trees from flowering again when the warm weather returns.


Although it’s noticeably colder now than when we had our first snow last month ago, Emmie has warmed up to the winter weather. Whereas before she was loath to go outside, she now bounds out of the house to eagerly play in the snow.


After several years on the equator, we can’t get over how arrestingly beautiful winter can be.


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