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’tis the season

This year, the stars aligned so that two of the most food-intensive holidays of the year — Thanksgiving and Hanukkah — overlapped. S has a friend whose family even commemorated the mega event by making Thanksgivukkah t-shirts. Although we were in Vienna for Thanksgiving weekend, we were able to celebrate the Festival of Lights belatedly upon our return.

gphoto 5

We teamed up with another Embassy couple and co-hosted a Hanukkah party. S made 12 pounds of potato pancakes; our friends made enough jelly donuts to feed a small army. There was a face-painter for the kids, and an intense dreidel spinning game. We weren’t sure we’d be able to find enough chocolate coins, so we used skittles as markers instead, and S had her hands full trying to keep the game pieces out of the mouths of the participants so that the game could continue.

photo8 copy

Last week’s snowfall ensured that we’d have a suitably white holiday season, and the Christmas celebrations are in full swing. We don’t recall attending that many holiday parties in Nairobi, likely because the city emptied out for the second half of December, with Kenyans heading to the beach and expats using the resulting downturn in work to leave the country for winter vacation. Here, we have already attended three Christmas parties, including the annual celebration at the Ambassador’s residence. The latter was mostly aimed at kids, so we did not linger too long.

After more than four months, this is our last week in our temporary quarters, and we are preparing for yet another move next weekend. We may not celebrate Christian holidays, but this year at least, we too will spend Christmas and Boxing Day unwrapping boxes.

Many thanks to Stephanie B. for sharing her photos. 

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