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postcards from small-town America

As the temperature drops and the weather gives unmistakeable signs of the onset of autumn in Chisinau, we find ourselves revisiting the warm memories of our summer road trip through California. We briefly scrolled through our pictures to pick out a handful of favorites while posting about our adventures, but the bulk of the 5000+ photos we took remain unsorted. Our previous posts focused on the places we visited. Here are a few snapshots of our favorite places through which we simply passed.


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It is an island that nestles like a suckling against the breast of Maine, but there are many of those. The sheltered darkling water seems to suck up light…To put it plainly, this Isle is like Avalon; it must disappear when you are not there…But it stays with you afterward, and more than that, things you didn’t know you saw come back to you after you have left.


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S wanted to spend some time with her family in Maine before departing overseas again. So while D packed up and left for Moldova, she took one more trip this summer.


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