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With no grandchildren to spoil, our parents turned their attention to Emmie, showering her with toys and treats. This holiday season, we’d like to repay their generosity by sharing a few of our favorite photos of Emmie in action.




Although she plays with all her toys, Emmie definitely has her favorites and the one she loves above all others is this fox. It’s always the first one out of her toy basket and for several months it was the only toy she would touch. Although she’s completely destroyed a dozen different rope toys and stuffed animals, this one has remained mostly intact. It probably helps that D has repaired it several times. Last time, it took D a few weeks to find the time to sew it and Emmie actually whined with happiness when he returned the toy.


At first, Emmie did not know what to do with this rabbit, which was originally a third her size. Then she discovered it had multiple squeakers and was full of stuffing, and within a matter of days she reduced the rabbit to a sad-looking torn-up shell. She left the head intact, however, so D has taken to using it as a hand-puppet when playing with her.


We don’t typically give Emmie people food, and the one time we tried motivating her in puppy class with bits of chicken and cheese she became violently ill. Peanut butter is the one exception. Not only does it make a great treat, but it also helps get her medicine down.


According to one of our friends, Emmie acts every bit like an only child. Hopefully, she won’t act like too big a brat when we have actual children.


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  1. Remember- Dogs laugh with their tales.

    December 16, 2012

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