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we’re ok, mom

It’s now been three weeks since our automotive misadventure and life has pretty much returned to normal. It’s uncanny how events that seem momentous as they are unfolding tend to pale in their significance with the passage of time. The day after the accident had a touch of the surreal to it. Although we were up for close to 24hrs straight, we puttered about the house after finally arriving at home, too tired to actually go to sleep. When we did finally go to bed – around 4:30am – sleep descended like a leaden blanket. It was profoundly deep, but also surprisingly short.

We were up again by nine. There was so much to do: obtain a report from the Embassy’s Regional Security Office (as none was forthcoming from the police); file an insurance claim (the accident happened four days before our insurance expired – we had been meaning to renew the policy for weeks); go to the medical office; figure out transport options (D could take a shuttle to work, but S works across town); etc etc etc.

Throughout the mad rush that ensued, glimpses of the accident flitted through our minds, especially when the stiffness in our necks reminded us of what had happened. Fortunately, life moves too fast to dwell too long on what with time will be no more than an unpleasant speck in our otherwise pleasant memories of life in Kenya. The insurance claim was approved and repairs initiated; we found a car to rent; the bruises and muscle pains have faded.

We feel incredibly fortunate that nothing worse happened, that we were able to walk away after crashing our car with only minor injuries, and that we went on to enjoy the rest of our time with Marni.

We’re ok, mom.

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  1. Sorry about your accident, but I’m glad you guys weren’t hurt severely!

    July 31, 2012
  2. Despite the frustration, exhaustion, and uncertainty you felt through your ordeal, I’m glad to hear you two are on the mend and that the crash wasn’t worse. Be safe :) xo

    August 1, 2012

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