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bizarre top five

One of the most entertaining aspects of writing a blog is seeing what internet searches ultimately brought readers to the pages of our blog. Some hits are pretty intuitive. For instance, multiple people have searched for dcm towels and wound up clicking on our blog; understandable given that the Deputy Chief of Mission at times graces our tales with his presence and that DCM is also a textile manufacturing company. Other hits are a bit creepy. At one point someone must have been internet-stalking one of our friends because there were multiple hits that corresponded to her name. For the most part, however, the searches are simply bizarre and amusing. Without further ado, here is our top five list of the wacky internet searches that have led people to click on our blog:

5. best matatu Nairobi – amusing because of how anathema the concept of goodness is to the word matatu.

4. do I have to work saturdays – not sure that this is a question that can be answered by the internet, but someone enterprising tried very hard to find the right answer online.

3. tricked out semi trucks – something must have gone haywire in google’s algorithm; we’re pretty sure we have never posted about anything even remotely close to this.

2. half zebra half man – we’ve seen many interesting animals in our short time in Africa, but nothing as intriguing as this mythical creature…perhaps it is related to the half cat half lion that also led someone to our blog.

1. fat camp & massage africaumm…we’re speechless.

Honorable mentions go to: elephant little baby brown; five animals that start with the letter e; and long orange grass for wild lions.

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  1. Awesome entry. I have fun with this on my website too. Among my best finds are:

    scrabble words that don t have s as front hook
    jaffa hummus
    email resume to cameron brink (wtf?)
    cameron brick guess who this is! (wtf?)
    and my favorite:
    girlfriend changed after birthright trip to israel

    January 29, 2012
    • Definitely remember you mentioning the birthright one :)

      January 29, 2012

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